It is our mission to constantly improve the health, fitness, and happiness of our members. In doing so, we aim to create an environment that is fun, caring, motivating, empowering and inclusive.

We will settle for nothing less than an environment that cultivates positivity and personal responsibility in all those who join our community.
• Unlimited CrossFit Monthly Membership Subscription $183.75(+CT sales tax)
• 3x/ Week CrossFit Monthly Membership Subscription $158.75(+CT sales tax)
• Couples Unlimited CrossFit Monthly Membership Subscription $312.50(+CT sales tax)
• On Ramp Course: Includes 6x Private lessons + 1st Month Membership $180+ 1st Month(+CT sales tax)
**All memberships billed month-to-month
All CrossFit Monthly Memberships include:
• Access to our CrossFit classes
• Access to our 3x/week Olympic Weightlifting Program
• Access to our Endurance classes
• Access to our FIT360 classes
• Private Facebook Online Support Group
• Access to our 6000sqft facility
• TRIIB Performance Tracking APP
• 5 bathrooms, 2 with showers

Our On-Ramp Program is 5 total sessions that last 60-90 minutes each. Those 6 sessions include 4 Personal Training Sessions + 1 Mixed Classes (1/2 P.T. and 1/2 Group Fitness). The Cost is $180 + your 1st Months Membership

During these classes, you will learn the basic movements, techniques and terminology we use daily at CFH.

Additionally, we assess each athletes ability and range of motion to better customize your experience.
We love our seasoned CrossFit athletes!

The On-Ramp Program may not be necessary and you can get right into class.

If you would like a refresher on technique, contact us for a Personal Training session with a coach.