CrossFit Hartford Benchmark Workout Leaderboard

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Official CrossFit Open 19.1

1st Jordan R 307 reps Rx
2nd Luis V 290 reps Rx
3rd Ben C 281 reps Rx
4th Mark B 277 reps Rx
1st Kathleen C 256 reps Rx
2nd Elizabeth M 254 reps Rx
3rd Gisele F 247 reps Rx
4th Betsy U 237 reps Rx
5th Rachel F 220 reps Rx

Official CrossFit Open 19.2

1st Patrick F 430 reps Scaled
2nd William D 340 reps Scaled
3rd Justin Z 263 reps Scaled
4th Luis V 255 reps Rx
1st Reini B 423 reps Scaled
2nd Tiffany W 258 reps Scaled
3rd ashley B 257 reps Scaled
4th Betsy U 253 reps Rx
5th Kathleen C 177 reps Rx

Official CrossFit Open 19.3

1st Mark S 10:00:00 Rx+
2nd Ben C 10:00 Rx
3rd William D 10:00 Rx
4th Joe F 10:00 Rx
1st Kathleen C 5:45 Rx
2nd Betsy U 7:18 Rx
3rd Ellin G 8:21 Scaled
4th Carly Y 8:42 Rx
5th Reini B 9:01 Rx